Catherine McManus


Your work is incredibly beautiful. It transcends words and captures the depth of nature in all its glory and “being”. 

Truly, you have such a gift.

Helen G

[Catherine] produces some stunning photography. You should spend some time on her website, it’s like taking a road trip. You know, the kind that seeps into your soul and warms it with an embrace that really never leaves you.

Jesse M


Catherine McManus

Photographer and Digital Artist

Art and nature can be catalysts for healing and resilience. They are gifts waiting to be discovered when you need them most. Standing in a field on an overcast day, sitting alone on a beach, or walking through an ancient forest, there is a familiarity there, a kinship. For me, these quiet moments in nature bring peace and that elusive spark of creativity that can so easily evade an artist.

I hope my photographs inspire you to seek out the magic in every day, even the small things that delight you and fill you with wonder… and as difficult as it can be in the chaos that surrounds us, to truly be present and appreciate the magic when you find it.